Maintain Your Computer To Use It Better And For Longer

Computer is a machine which needs proper maintenance regularly. If you regularly take care of it, then it will provide you with satisfactory service and you will be able to do the tasks quickly. But as it is a machine, it degrades over the time, and so you have to take proper care. Here are some tips on how you can maintain your computer.

Junk files can slow down your computer, so to remove the junk files you have to perform disk cleanup, which is an inbuilt system function at your windows. Or, you can download freeware program too. Cookies and cache can eat many amount of place in your system, so delete them after you have done browsing. If you find there are some critical issues, like it is too slow, that are going on even after cleaning your computer, do not hesitate to contact your nearby pc support.

Spyware or virus can be very harmful for your computer as it can slow down, stop working, may steal your personal information from your pc. So, buy a good antivirus and install it in your system, it will help to protect your computer from viruses. If you are unaware of the antivirus service to use, you can consult with your nearby computer support.

Defragment is necessary as it helps to run the computer properly, so you can use Window’s inbuilt tool to defrag your hard drives or can download other third party tools which will do the task automatically. If your computer is idle for months, then this process can be very useful as it makes the hard drives smooth for running. 

Uninstalling the unnecessary applications are very useful, they can free more spaces and make your computer to run fast. Uninstall option can be found in the control panel and you can also delete the files which is no longer in use, the more space means the more faster your system will run. When many programs start when you start your pc it actually slows down your system and also do the same when you shut down that. Use ms config command to disable the unwanted programs which not necessary as a startup program.

You can use windows default maintenance system to rearrange the files on your hard disk and this task can actually free up more spaces on your hard disk. Always use ups because this can protect your pc from any electric rush and save your work and also save your money because it may lead to a huge repair.

Pc gets dirty very quickly so you have to remove the dirt from your cabinet; you can use a cotton cloth or vacuum cleaner and especially clean the heat sink and cpu fan. Be careful when you plug a device such as usb devices into your system, if you casually do it you may have to suffer.