Gaming On The Pc Or Console

The gaming industry is a fast growing industry. In the beginning, only consoles were used for gaming. Thereafter PC’s started becoming a popular alternative platform for gaming. Today there are many devices that can be used for gaming. There aren’t only PC’s and consoles, there’s also phones and smart watches you can game on. People have begun using less of consoles and PC’s and gaming more on smartphones. This is because smartphones have become very powerful and it is a device we carry around with us everywhere, therefore it is used more often than a PC or console. Still the biggest and AAA games are only made for PC and console only as smartphones don’t have enough power or control to be able to play these games. Here’s the difference when gaming on the PC or Console.

Plug n Play

Console are made purely for gaming so you basically have to put the disk in and wait till the game starts. This very easy and you can swap between games also. The PC on the other hand you can’t just play it as easily as a console. You will have to install the computer games and then start it. Unless the other games are installed you will have to do this with each game. Also some games will need activation key to be entered to start unlike a console where you directly play.


For consoles, controllers are basically an extension therefore every game is made to make with the controller. A controller is much better option that a keyboard for gaming. Even PC’s have controller support but it is an additional unit that you have to purchase and install it. The other problem with PC’s is that not all video games support controller input so then you’re stuck with the keyboard. There are some instances where keyboards are better than controller and in this case PC’s have the advantage.


When it comes to graphics, PC is the clear winner. There are many different graphics cards for PC’s. Depending on your price range there are so many graphics cards to choose from. Games for the PC is made to scale according to the graphics card and most games have a minimum and recommended specification so anyone within the specification can game. Console have a fixed graphics output and all games are made to suit that specific graphics card. This allows PC’s with powerful graphics cards to display better graphics than consoles.


There are consoles released every 6 years. Some of these consoles are backward compatible and some are not. Even the consoles that are backward compatible are compatible only for a certain degree. PC’s on the other hand can play basically any game that was released ever. This is because unlike consoles, PC’s are constant and it is upgradable. This gives an edge for PC’s because it has a larger game library than consoles will ever have.